See the difference Movie Hair can make with your own eyes.

Our videos are taken during the actual client cut-ins. We do not stage videos or walk through scenarios theoretically. In order to portray how the actual visit or consultation will be for you, we use a regular video camera, no fancy angles and our own friendly staff.

Client Cut-Ins

A selection of videos showing our clients receiving their New Roots Movie Hair systems

Sonny Cut-In

Tim Cut-In

Client Cut-In

Full Cut-In

Client Self-Maintenance

A selection of videos displaying how clients can manage and maintain their hair at home.
Taking care of the system will help ensure it not only lasts longer but also has a much brighter appearance.

Client Service

A selection of videos displaying how to remove and re-attach the system.

Applying Front Glue

Re-Tape & Re-Apply

This is just a selection of our videos.

Please see our YouTube channel for more information and a variety of videos covering making your own template to how to service and maintain your own system at home. Click the YouTube icon to visit and subscribe to our channel.